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Engineer Andy Ridyard set up SeaSystems in 2009 to combine his more than three decades of professional experience and a lifelong passion for sailing.  He is a graduate in electrical and electronic engineering with over 40 years experience, including running his own successful UK-based electronics design companies for 17 years.

“The contemporary superyacht relies on exactly the same types of systems you find in industry,” said Andy. “As a sailor I kept getting asked to fix electronics problems that were beyond the training of most onboard engineers. I realized there was a gap in the market for rapid response troubleshooting on boats along with impartial advice and installation.

“The typical onboard engineer is these days required to be fluent not only in mechanics but in electronics, fluid dynamics, material selection, control engineering and systems engineering. This vast range of equipment on board a superyacht, which is constantly challenged by the elements, can go wrong at any time, sometimes in fairly dangerous ways. We’re there to fill the gaps with all those extra skills.”

Andy can bring in a small hand-picked team of specialists and skilled technicians to provide top quality solutions and engineering works.

In times of Covid-19 restrictions, through our specialised *Remote* Guided Engineering Support (RGES) scheme we can support you almost anywhere in the world, in these difficult times.

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