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GDPR compliance statement


SeaSystems (UK) Ltd, in the course of its normal business, necessarily keeps a limited amount of individual personal contact information in electronic formats for the purposes of legitimate interests, or for contractual reasons.

This information allows us to stay in touch with the people we work with, or have worked with, or have had good reason to contact, or have needed to maintain contact information for in the past. Normally this information is limited to what one would normally find on a business card: Name, title, telephone, email, plus organisation / vessel related details such as website and/or address. The information is kept in a normal email client contact management program built into Microsoft Outlook and synchronized with various secure on-line servers and Apps. For customer billing we also maintain account information, but not credit, or debit card information.

We do not share this type of electronic information with any other groups, organisations, or entities. We do not buy lists of contacts from any other organisations.


If you feel that you have been contacted by SeaSystems without good reason (i.e. outside reasonable legitimate interests, or contractual necessity) and you feel you have grounds for objection or complaint, please Contact us.

Your rights as an individual under the EU’s Apr-2016 GDPR include i) to be given right to access of all electronic information we keep on you as an individual, and ii) the right to be forgotten from our databases, which would mean all information we keep on you as an individual in electronic form would be deleted.

Your rights under the GDPR act will always be respected and complied with by SeaSystems (UK) Ltd.

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