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Electrical control systems for superyacht engineers and ETOs


"From electrons, through Ohm's law to PLCs"

This new course, first delivered November 2018, has been designed and written over the last four years by SeaSystems (UK) Ltd. and will be presented by controls industry veteran, Andy Ridyard CEng FIET

The full four day course comprises 12 modules,
with practical sessions each afternoon :


Day 1 - fundamental level

  • BAS - Units and symbols for electricity. Basic electrical circuits. Current flow.

  • ​FLT - Basic faultfinding toolkit for modern electrical & electronic systems

  • OHM - Sherlock Ohms; understanding and applying basic electrical measurements. With hands on custom practical (Didactic 01)

Day 2 - intermediate level

  • BAT - Batteries, chargers and inverters. Hybrid options

  • DCS - Distributed controls on board, with introduction to PLCs

  • GEN-A - Shore power; an introduction to single phase and three phase systems. With practical measurements and seawater battery practical.

Day 3 - proficient level

  • HYD - Hydraulic controls for large sailing vessels
  • DRV - Drives primer: Variable frequency drives vs. soft starters

  • GEN-B - Generator controls and power management systems, with practical video training.

Day 4 - advanced level

  • SEN - A primer on measurement methods and sensor interfacing 

  • AMS - Monitoring, control and alarm systems

  • PLC - Programmable Logic Controllers – purpose and functions on board. With guided practical (Didactic 02)

Contact us for more details and likely course dates for Autumn, Winter and early Spring in Palma and France, in collaboration with internationally recognized partners

Upcoming course dates:


Apologies, but due to Covid-19 restrictions,
our classroom courses in Europe 
are suspended until further notice

but you can now book onto the new e-Learning version

with limited, 'early bird' discounted pricing

Genuine student quotes

“I thought the course had great diversity from the simple aspects to the more complex. The facility was great. I thought it was very nice that you give everyone a quality folder to keep their notes in. As a whole I think the content is spot on. “

"Good course, thanks for the week!"

"Really informative course and I feel I have a better understanding of systems on board and components associated with them"

“Will highly be recommending it to friends in the industry. All the best with it. You’re a great teacher.”

Courses are designed by long experienced superyacht graduate engineer for superyacht engineers.

It is expected that attendees will have at least AEC or MEOL  marine qualification

and have spent some reasonable time at sea.

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