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Troubleshooting, installation and repair services for superyachts electrical and controls & instrumentation systems.



Minimising effects of lightning strike to sail and motor vessels by careful system design, manufacture and installation of a custom Lightning Potection System (LPS).


Demystifying electrical, electronic and computer based control and instrumentation systems.

Now available as on-line version through our e-Learning portal

Electrical Controls & Instrumentation for Superyachts

"The Superyacht Doctor"


Established in 2009, SeaSystems simply loves a challenge.

If the challenge has electrons moving in it, and it's afloat, we're your guys!

Originally troubleshooting superyacht generator and power systems in the Caribbean and the Mediterranean Seas, our knowledge and our reputation has grown. We also provide custom solutions to the tricky challenges of marine lightning protection and, due to popular demand, we have  converted our Electrical Control Systems training courses to an on-line format, designed around some of the most common electronic and electrical questions asked by superyacht engineers.



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